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Everything You Need to Know About a Newborn Session

It’s amazing how quickly children grow! Sometimes it feels like they’re tiny one minute and they’re walking and laughing the next.

That’s why it’s so important to capture your little ones as they grow and especially in their first days on Earth. Newborn photos are something you can cherish for years to come, something you can look back on to remind you of those tiny fingers and toes before they grew up.

Not sure what to expect from a newborn session? I’ve got you covered! I took the time to answer some common questions parents have about newborn sessions.

What is the best age for newborn photos?

Your baby’s newborn session should occur when they’re between five and 21 days old for the best chance at a successful newborn session. At this age, babies still sleep most of the time, often in positions similar to those they were in inside the womb.

Don’t forget how very fast babies grow! After they pass the two-week mark, your baby will begin to stretch and move around more and will be more challenging to pose. Plus, they definitely won’t want to stay asleep for the majority of the photo session, which is hard on both the parents and the photographer.

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When should I book my shoot? How early is too early?

The earlier you book your newborn session, the better! After all, you only have a very brief window of time to take those photos, and it’s important to make sure as soon as you can that your photographer will be available.

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What if my baby arrives earlier or later than expected?

Trust me, all newborn photographers know that your due date is not written in stone. Baby may show up sooner or later—totally on their own schedule! Your photographer will hold time around your scheduled newborn session and ensure that you have a guaranteed space for whenever baby arrives.

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How long is a newborn session?

The average shoot lasts about three to four hours. That may sound long, but a large part of that time will be spent feeding and comforting your little one in between shots. Not to mention the time it takes to carefully pose them. Newborn photography requires patience and care!

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How should I dress my baby for photos?

Actually, you may not want to bring any outfits. Your baby will be nude or wrapped in most of the images, the better to capture their sweet smallness. Be sure to dress your little one in something easy to put on and take off.

If you would prefer your baby be dressed or covered for some of the images, chat with your photographer. If they are like me, chances are they have a wide variety of outfits designed especially for newborn photography to fit babies well, or they can swaddle your little one in beautiful wraps that come in a wide array of colours. You don’t want your little one to be wearing clothes they are swimming in!

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What do I need to bring to my session?

Be sure to pack all the usual things you keep in your diaper bag: pacifiers, extra diapers and wipes, formula and bottles, if you formula-feed. Everything baby needs to keep them content!

You should also bring a change of clothes for you and your partner, since there’s a good chance you may get poop or pee on the clothes you’re wearing for the session. Naked babies have little regard for keeping your clothes nice!

If you have any props or special items you want included in the photos, be sure to bring those as well but make sure you discuss the items with your photographer. Some parents like to include toys or blankets that have significance to their family.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer any other questions you have! They’re here to help you and make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Plus, you’ll end up with images of this wonderful moment in the life of your growing family!

If you are still on the search for a newborn photographer I would love to chat with you. Contact me or set up a consultation and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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