Frequently Asked Questions

Hello clients and potential clients! I put this section together to help answer any questions that may arise before booking a session, or after you've booked a session with me and are wondering "what next?"

Please feel free to Contact Me at any time with additional questions.

Q: How far in advance should I book my session?

A: As far in advance as possible. It's never too early. Newborn sessions should be booked at least 2-3 months before your due date if not earlier, though even if you are looking to book last minute, still contact me as I may be able to fit you in.

Q: How do you know when to book me for a newborn session? What if baby is early or late?

A: I put your due date on my calendar, and then whenever baby arrives I will fit you in. I have a limited number of spots per month that I book so that I am able to accommodate all of my newborn bookings, and it is also why I very rarely am able to accommodate newborns after they are born without a prior booking.

Q: When is the best time to book my maternity session with you?

A: Maternity sessions are best taken around 30-34 weeks of pregnancy, so booking around week 20 in your pregnancy is recommended.

Q: How long will my session last?

A: Family, maternity, and milestone sessions take approximately 30 minutes - 2 hours depending which package you book. Newborn sessions are longer to allow for feedings and soothing as we need baby to be fully asleep to safely achieve most poses, and these are usually between 2-4 hours.

Q: Where will our session be?

A: We can decide on the location together depending on what type of look you are after: city, park, country, studio, in your home, etc. I do not offer multiple locations (with the exception of those who want a combo indoor/outdoor maternity session when booking my highest maternity package) and travel fees may apply if the desired location is more than 20 minutes away from my home in the west end of Edmonton.

Q: How many people can be included in the photos?

A: It depends on the type of session and it will list in each package who is included in the session.

Q: Can I request specific photos to be taken (ie grandchildren/grandparents, solo of kids, etc)?

A: Absolutely! Please let me know ahead of time of any must have shots you want me to be sure to get. You will also have the opportunity to do this while filling out the pre-session questionnaire I will send you once you book, or at our pre-consultation if you come in ready to book.

Q: Can our pets be a part of our photos?

A: Yes! I am a HUGE animal lover, and as a pet owner I consider my pets family members as well. If we are taking photos of you in your home or back yard, it is easy to grab a few with your fur babies. However, if you would like to bring them to an outside location where we plan to have the session, keep in mind that someone will have to take care of them while getting shots that don't include the fur members of the family. For this reason, I ask that you please let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing your pet(s) to an on location shoot. In this case you can bring along a friend or family member not involved in the shoot to watch your pet or I can bring an assistant with me. If bringing them to the studio, they are permitted as long as they are trained and well behaved.

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: For shoots with little ones, an extra change of clothing for them is recommended, and, possibly a change for you too if it involves a cake smash! If we are going to be shooting outside in the summer, be sure to pack sunscreen, water, and insect repellant. Snacks and drinks for the kiddos is recommended too.

Q: I know what kind of look I want but I'm not sure what locations will achieve it, can you suggest options?

A: You bet! Let me know what you have in mind and I will be happy to work with you to find the perfect location. I have a lot of gems that I use frequently, and I am always scouting new locations as well.

Q: What should we do to prepare for the session?

A: Do whatever you need to do to look and feel your best. If you feel good, it will show in your pictures. Try and get a good night's sleep beforehand, and don't be too nervous! It will be fun, I promise.

Q: If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at?

A: I do, but usually what happens is that we would reschedule. Studio photos are a very different look than outdoor photos and if you have your heart set on an outdoor shoot an indoor one won't cut it and it is easiest to reschedule. Same goes for crazy wind or snow.

Q: What happens if you're sick or are unable to shoot the session on the scheduled day?

A: I will give you as much notice as humanly possible and we will reschedule. Knock wood, this has never happened yet, though I am only human 😉

Q: Will these images be posted online or any social networks?

A: Yes. I usually use Facebook and Instagram to post sneak peeks, so it is a good idea to have everyone involved in the shoot "like" my page so they can keep an eye out for photos. Afterwards, I often blog the best images from a session as well. However, in the digital contract I send you before our session, there is an option to opt out of Facebook sneak peeks or other online marketing for an additional fee. This fee is waived when booking any of the larger packages.

Q: Will we have the option to use props?

A: Absolutely. If you have seen a prop used in a previous session of mine that you love, let me know ahead of time. Additionally, if you have a certain prop you want to use, let me know what it is ahead of time if possible and I can work it into our session.

Q: When is the best time of year to schedule my session?

A: Late spring to mid-fall are considered the best for outdoor sessions. I will not photograph kids under 7 for winter sessions as it's really hard to make everyone look happy if the weather isn't just perfect.

Q: What time of day is best for a portrait session?

For studio, any time of day works. When young ones are involved, ideally we schedule for their happiest time. Newborns are ALWAYS scheduled at 10 am or 11 am as I find this the best time for both the baby and for you. It's a long session, and it's nice to have the rest of the day free once it is over. For outdoor family sessions, I like to start the shoot about 1-2 hours before sunset if possible as that provides the best quality of light for my style of photography. In the middle of the summer this can be quite late for toddlers and babies so we try and book a session for the morning or as late into the evening as we can. Location will be a factor in this case as well.

Q: What if my children act up on the day of the shoot and we can't get any good photos?

A: If absolutely nothing we try together works to get great shots, you will have the option of paying for a re-shoot, which is a $100 fee. Keep in mind though that even though sometime is may feel like chaos during the shoot, unless I am concerned about it I encourage you to trust me as all it takes is a few seconds to get an amazing photo. It also depends what shots we are trying to get, and we will be pre-planning that together ahead of time.

Q: How will we know how to pose?

A: I will give you all the guidance you need and posing tricks to keep in mind on the day of our session. All you need to do is relax and have fun! You don't have to be "good" in front of the camera for me to take great photos of you. It's my job to know how to bring the best out of everyone.

Q: I really don't like "X" about me, can we shoot around it?

A: Of course! Just let me know ahead of time and I will pose you in ways that are flattering or minimize whatever problem areas there are. Keep in mind though, at the end of the day the important thing is to actually BE in photographs for your loved ones to cherish. You may see flaws, but I can guarantee you they don't. They just want beautiful images of you all together celebrating your family and your love for one another.

Q: How long have you been shooting portrait sessions? What kind of training do you have?

A: I have been shooting portraits semi-professionally (for some money, that is) for about 11 years and professionally (as in, I became an actual photography business that files taxes etc) for the last 7. I have a strong background in photography and design. My passion for photography started in high school about 18 years ago, and I also have a diploma in Visual Communication Design and was (am?) a professional graphic designer for over 10 years. I have also taken numerous photography courses and workshops as well as learned through experience, and I continue to use my graphic design background in the products I design for my clients and all of my own branding and marketing.

Q: How many photos do you typically take during the session?

A: I usually take at least 200+ photos per session, and from this, I narrow them down to the absolute best. With kids (toddlers especially!) I take a lot, as they move so quickly and capturing those genuine moments happen in the blink of an eye.

Q: Do I get to see ALL the unedited photos?

A: Nope! Not even my own family gets to see those. When I get to the computer, I narrow it down by culling out images where eyes are closed, blurry, or any unflattering photos and from the remainder I pick the best photos of each set-up/pose. This usually leaves me at the exact amount I need to show to my clients. I can't say how many that is as it varies per session and per client. If they aren't included there's a good reason. Have you seen that Beyonce meme that went around a few years ago? Yeah. That's why you don't get to see them 😉

Q: How many photos will I get to see at our ordering session?

A: Every session is different, but usually about 30-50. Sometimes more, sometimes a bit less.

Q: Do you offer professional retouching (ie blemish removal)?

A: Yes, I do this for all purchased photos. My rule of thumb for skin is if it won't be there in 10 years from now then I will remove it or at least minimize it (in the case of under eye circles for example; people look funny if you eliminate them entirely). If you have a certain mark, scar, or mole you would like removed I can do that too just let me know before the session in the pre-session questionnaire or when ordering. If you are looking to have something major done (have transition lenses lightened, body shaping, braces removed, watches removed etc) then there will definitely be an extra charge per photo if it is possible to be edited. It is best to discuss these types of things before the shoot so we don't encounter anything like that afterwards.

Q: How long does it take to get the photos back?

A: My turnaround time depends on how busy I am at the time. We usually have our ordering session within 1-2 weeks and then I edit and order the products. Editing takes about 2-4 weeks, and products generally take about the same.

Q: What should we wear?

A: I have a whole blog post on that which you can check out here. And I also include a link to detailed preparation information once you book your session with me.

Q: Do you have an assistant?

A: It depends on the type of shoot. For small family sessions or newborn sessions, I generally don't use an assistant. For large families or families with more than 2 kids, I bring an assistant which is usually my mom or my sister in law. They are both awesome!

Q: What days are you available to shoot portrait sessions?

A: I am available Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. Occasionally in the fall I will book a Sunday but I try to leave those days open for church and spending the day with my family.

Q: How do we go about securing our session?

A: Contact Me via email or phone and I will set up a time to go over everything with you in in person or on the phone. After that I will arrange to send you an invoice for a deposit. This deposit as well as the signing of a basic contract is required to hold your spot.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Credit card and email money transfer.

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