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How to Take Better Photos of Your Children

Parents, I get it. Taking care of young children can be absolutely exhausting. But if you’re anything like me, you still want to remember every moment and every first your little one experiences.

That’s why I love photography! It allows you to capture every memory, every silly and fun moment of your child’s life. But I know how hard it can be to take pictures of kids who seem to be always moving—and sometimes crying or whining as well. That’s why I put together a few tips on how to take better photos of your kids.

Look for sources of natural light.

Most likely, many of your favorite everyday moments with your children will happen right in your home. Whenever possible, take advantage of rooms with plenty of natural light pouring through the windows.

Why natural light? Unlike artificial sources, natural light can help eliminate shadows and give your images a clean, fresh appearance.

Get outside

I love candid photos because they allow you to capture individual personalities, and this is especially true for little ones! Spend some time playing outside with your kids and bring along your camera. The children can get out some of their energy, and you can capture photos of their fun and wild personalities.

Enlist an assistant.

When you’re trying to take photos of your child, it can be a challenge to get—and hold—their attention. If you can, consider asking a friend or family member to help out by making noises or goofy faces.

Keep a camera handy.

There’s no way to know when a moment will turn out to be picture-perfect. Maybe it’s just giggles at the breakfast table or a visit to the park, but you’ll be grateful to have every memory you manage to capture to look back on in the future.

Capture the everyday.

Your day-to-day routine may not seem worthy of photos, but not every moment you capture has to be a planned shoot. It’s great to have photos of stories at bedtime, playtime with favorite toys, and splashing with rubber ducks in the bathtub. One day you’ll look back and appreciate the little moments just as much as the big ones.

However you choose to photograph your children, the most important thing is to capture their unique personalities. Photos are amazing because they allow you to capture the changes in your kids as they grow!

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