My studio and office space

For those of my clients that came to me in my shared studio space in 2012, my cozy home studio is where I am shooting now. We converted our formal living room, which we rarely used, into my studio and our dining room, which we also never used (at least not as a dining room), into my office. Both are the first two rooms as you come in the door which makes it an ideal space for a home based business. My studio and my office don’t allow for too much prop storage, so the majority of my props are stored in a spare bedroom upstairs (for now anyways). I love being on the main floor where my family is so that when I am working on my computer, I’m not as far away from them. My studio space is small, but it works for me and I love having it home.

I am using a daybed as a comfy seating area for parents to relax on, and I also recently added a mini fridge to store cold drinks and snacks. My office is where all of my in-studio viewing and ordering appointments will be held as well.

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