Baby’s Developmental Milestones

Every baby is different, but for first-time parents, it can be helpful to know what milestones they should look for and expect as their little one grows. That’s why we put together this list of some basic milestones to watch for!

Birth to 3 Months:

  •      Pushes up onto arms while lying on tummy
  •      Opens and closes firsts
  •      Brings hands up to mouth
  •      Lifts and holds up head while lying on tummy
  •      Follows a moving object with their eyes while lying on their back
  •      Smiles at sounds or voices
  •      Demonstrates an interest in faces
  •      Makes eye contact
  •      Uses different sounds or cries for different needs (for example, has a hungry cry or a tired cry)
  •      Turns head toward sounds
  •      Makes cooing noises

4 to 6 Months:

  •      Sits up, using hands for support
  •      Rolls over from tummy to back and vice versa
  •      Reaches for toys while lying on tummy
  •      Uses both hands to feel and explore toys
  •      Brings objects to mouth
  •      Not as easily startled by everyday noises
  •      Listens and reacts or tries to respond when spoken to
  •      Reacts to sudden sounds
  •      Shows interest in food
  •      Opens mouth for spoon

7 to 9 Months:

  •      Sits up on their own without support
  •      Moves from tummy to back to a sitting position
  •      Picks up small objects with fingers and thumb
  •      Tries to crawl
  •      Focuses on objects, both close by and far away
  •      Recognizes and reacts to sound of their name
  •      Imitates sounds
  •      Demonstrates recognition of some words and sounds

10 to 12 Months:

  •      Pulls up to stand, using furniture for support
  •      Claps hands
  •      Shows enjoyment when listening to music
  •      Crawls towards objects
  •      Speaks one or two words
  •      Feeds self with finger foods
  •      Uses gestures and hand movements to communicate their wants and needs

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