The Studio

In 2013 my family and I converted our formal living room, which we rarely used, into my studio space. We also converted our dining room, which we also never used (at least not as a dining room), into my office. Both are the first two rooms as you come in the door which makes it an ideal space for a home based business.

My studio and my office don’t allow for too much prop storage, so the majority of my props are stored in a spare bedroom upstairs and a storage room in the basement. My studio space is on the small size, but it works well for me and I love having it home.

I have a comfy vintage love seat for clients to relax on (bonus that it doubles as an awesome prop!), and I also have a mini fridge to store cold drinks and snacks as well as a coffee machine.

My office is where all of my pre-consult appointments and some of my viewing and ordering appointments are held and where I spend many, many late nights editing.

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